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Birchwood Manor

Of North Bend

Birchwood Manor is a rural skilled nursing facility providing short term rehabilitation, long term care, outpatient therapy services and adult day care to the North Bend community and surrounding area.  Services provided meet Medicare Skilled requirements if the resident is eligible for services.  In addition to Medicare and Medicaid, Birchwood Manor also provides services under private insurance and direct private billing.

Operated by Celebrate LIFE, Inc. under President Pamela Griffin, Birchwood Manor is one of the few local family operated Skilled Nursing Facilities remaining in our state.  The fact that the "corporate office" is just down the hall is reassuring to residents, families and staff.

Our specialized focus on a younger population gives us the opportunity to meet the community need of our elders and offer a unique environment for relationships, social opportunities and very individualized inspirations for each resident's success.  The rural community lends itself well to serving our unique population with strong youth interaction and volunteer involvement.

What Is An Ideal Nursing Home?

An Ideal Nursing Home is not a nursing home with a specific license or certification.  An ideal nursing home is an idea, or state of mind that is evident just walking through our hallways.  The creation of an Ideal Nursing Home is an ongoing process at Birchwood Manor.  Each individual that walks through our doors has expectations of what would be necessary to make this transition to a nursing home ideal.  Therefore it is necessary to create that ideal environment for each individual resident, not only when they first come to live at our home, but throughout their stay as their needs and abilities may  change. 

The physical structure of Birchwood Manor reflects that of a nursing home.  However, inside we are working toward creating an environment that truly makes each resident feel at home.  In resident rooms this involves encouraging the resident to choose the decor of their room from bedspreads and curtains to borders and wall-hangings.  In doing this, the resident creates their home within their room.  The hallways are seen as streets of the community:  Chapel Street, Antique Avenue, and Platte Valley Road; while the dining room is our Melting Pot Cafe.  The end result is one that allows the resident to feel as though they have simply moved to a "new" home, not a nursing home.

The Story Of Our Success

The Focus On Celebrating LIFE Each & Every Day Is The Key To Our Success At Birchwood Manor.   With the facility's focus on Celebration, all of our staff are involved in providing a positive experience for each resident.  Each day we find an opportunity to celebrate with our residents and staff.  QUALITY is celebrated through the care and superior Quality of Life for all residents.  DEDICATION is celebrated through our staff as their commitment to the residents truly extends the meaning of family.  ACCOMPLISHMENT is celebrated as we acknowledge the residents' lifetime achievements as well as victories over life's daily challenges.  FREEDOM is celebrated by encouraging the residents to live their lives just the way they choose, from activity and meal choices to the decor of their rooms. 

To supplement the High Quality Clinical Care provided to each resident, our activity program provides a truly individualized approach.  The programs available for residents are based on their past lifestyles and interests.  This individualized plan of care is seen every day when staff discuss personal interests with residents, take them  to activities chosen by the residents, and serve them preferred meals identified by the residents.  Along with those that come to every activity and socialize at every opportunity, Birchwood Manor also meets the needs of residents who had more private lives at home enjoying television, books, or puzzles, or just an occasional visit with friends.  Even those residents who do not have the ability to communicate their wishes have their personalized needs met by obtaining information from families and friends as to the residents' interests and previous lifestyle.

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